Financial Matters

Community Bridges is a voluntary organisation that has no source of funds other than donations that it receives and funds that are raised from fundraising activities.

Whilst Community Bridges is approved by Queensland Corrective Services to conduct programs within correctional institutions, it is not supported financially to do so. It does not receive any funds or grants from the Queensland Government or any other level of government.

We rely on the support of people who support our vision to assist those who are exiting the Corrections system and to make a difference to their lives.

Community Bridges has approval from the Australian Tax office as a charitable institution and all donations over two dollars are tax deductible.

Your support for our ongoing work would be very much appreciated.

Fund Raising

Like many not-for-profit organisations, Community Bridges is involved in raising funds for its operational costs.

A stall is conducted at Sherwood a number of times during the year. Home-made jams, preserves, cakes, slices, tarts, sweets and fresh produce are sold.

A small band of supporters regularly prepare goods for sale. If you would like to assist please contact us.

For information on the next stall click here.

Another regular fundraising activity have been trivia nights. These activities provide an evening of fun, a challenge to the general knowledge of those who participate, and of course there is always an enjoyable supper.

Click here for details of the next trivia night.

We also have a book for sale that encourages the readers to think about the role of the corrections system and has comments from a former inmate who has experienced the system. If you are interested in purchasing a copy please contact us.